Summer blues

New Summer blues

For me, summer is nature’s party with the Sun as its host. A host whose presence is fierce and forthright on the scene. Summer is a time of light, joviality, expression and wholehearted action. The days are longer and the nights are warm and welcoming. In summer, we needn’t hide, hibernate, or bundle up.

Life is an open book, with adventures waiting around every corner. To be sure, this season is symbolic for the vitality and fire inherent in every heart. Joy, expression, action: these are only a few of the words that can be associated with this season.

Many a party is had during this time, after all, especially in the pool or under the stars. All-in-all, summer reminds us of the vitality and youthfulness present in everyone’s heart and soul. When trying to classify summer symbols, just think of anything that exudes joy, fun, and parties.

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