Throughout history, all seasons held meaning and were extremely powerful for the civilizations. It was believed that seasons had the force to change our mood, lives and perspectives. In her endless wisdom, Nature shows us that all things change and the seasons are only one example of this undeniable rule of life.

Seasons also draw a connective bridge between the seemingly simple events  in our daily lives and the greater universal ones. Seasons form the link between the micro and macro levels of our existence. Examining the cycles of the seasons allows us to more closely look at the cycles in our own lives. They were used to express ideas such as feelings, the passing of time and themes.

As should be expected, each season comes with its own sets of symbols, attributes and themes.

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Harvest season

Autumn means culmination, is Nature's 'l..

Spring green

Spring is a transitional season, is a ti..

Summer blues New

Summer blues

For me, summer is nature’s party with th..

Summer fire New

Summer fire

For me, summer is nature’s party with th..