I am Diana Vasile, the designer and creator of the Temper jewelry collections. My first introduction to jewelry was going to Assamblage contemporary jewelry school. A tour of the school later, and I was hooked. It was there where I developed the skills which enabled me to pursue my passion. I always felt comfortable exploring and trying to find new things to suit my tastes since I've been making things since I can remember. I have memories as a kid tinkering with whatever I could find around and i could re-purpose.

I have always been a magpie, attracted to everything beautiful and colorful. My affinity runs toward bold and strong shapes along with vibrant colors in unique combinations, and that"s why it defines my aesthetic.
I am endlessly drawn to the stunning landscapes that give rise to the stones I use and to the wildlife that calls these places home. The iridescent flash of a feather, the colorful wing of a butterfly, the blush of a flower.
I am inspired by the whole variety and scale of the natural world. Nature was always a forefront in my mind because I grew up surrounded by it, a place where the landscapes are magical and compelling.
I am also fascinated by the interplay of colors that surrounds us. Our emotions are closely bonded with colors: some of them uplift our souls and others will drain them. Gemstones, rich and diverse in color and texture, are a joy to work with. Vibrant and subtle, polished or raw, I let their essence to shine through my creations.

I believe that jewelry has the power to transform, delight and empower, but for me the fascination often lies in the creation process. When I make a piece, I feel like I am reading a story I know nothing about, but at the same time, I am the author of. All the pieces are made by me personally and they are unique, each design with its own personality and story. I feel like my jewelry exudes a relaxed luxury different from the traditional look of fine jewelry we are so accustomed with, but which emotionally engages its wearer so much more because of that. A strong statement for a strong personality.
One of the defining characteristics of my jewelry is that no matter from which angle you look at the piece, it looks like different. I love rings and each one I create is imbued with my own sense of style and comfort. I create statement rings that may look big and heavy, but actually are designed in such a way that are comfortable to wear all day long.

As contemporary jewelry artist I participated in all major related events and exhibitions, the most representative being:
  • ARTISTAR - Milano (2019)
  • AUTOR (2015,2018)
  • PROJECT A - Biannual editions (2013, 2014, 2015)